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Nestled in the tropical hills overlooking Falmouth Harbour, Carib Bean Coffee is Antigua's only full service commercial coffee roaster, bringing the world's best Arabica coffee beans to the island. Since 1997, Carib Bean Coffee has established itself as a high quality specialty roaster providing Antigua's residents, well-traveled visitors, and neighboring islands with coffee rivaling that from all corners of the world. Carib Bean Coffee caters for the latest tastes in demand offering the full spectrum of flavor profiles in its unique blends. Years of roasting experience combined with our fluid bed roasting technology ensures that the highest quality, evenly roasted bean is delivered to your cup. Roasting to order, we also guarantee that you will not find a fresher end product anywhere in Antigua. We also design custom labels, and even unique new recipes, for villas, yachts, hotels, or restaurants on request, so that you can enjoy the delight of personalizing your own coffee. Please contact us for more details.


Here is a selection of our best selling products, part of a range of unique blends and decafs.
Just ask for a price list.

Medium Roast

Joy in the Morning

Exotic blend of wild Ethiopian and Sumatran coffee, our lightest roast, perfect for those seeking an easy drinking flavour that will not overpower your senses.

Guatemalan Antigua

From the best known coffee producing region of Guatemala, this lively coffee with a distinct chocolatey flavour, has become renowned in the region having featured in many commercial coffee chains around the world.

Medium Dark Roast

Jump up Java

Inspired by Antigua's Carnival of 1998, this unique blend of Colombia and Costa Rica's finest arabicas contains lively but mild taste.

Classic Yachtsman

Developed for the famous Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, this smooth blend of South American origin roasted in French style will certainly put the wind in your sails with its rich, clean flavor.

Hurricane Brew

Our most popular coffee, consisting of a unique blend of five different arabica beans. Developed after the infamous 1998 "Hurricane George", this bewitching brew captivates you with its incredible flavour and spicy aftertaste.

Medium Dark Roast

Colombian Supremo

Offering the best qualities of great Colombian beans, this coffee has a light-bodied, crisp balanced acidity, and sweet rounded flavour.

Caribbean Dream

The latest addition to our range, created to celebrate everyone's Caribbean dream, this coffee has a smooth full bodied caramel flavour carrying the richness of the islands with it.

Dark Roast

One Luv

An invigorating blend between rich Colombian and spicey El Salvador coffee, created in honour of Bob Marley, most popular with the romantics that visit the island.

Journey's Blend

Originally created for one of Antigua's famous residents, a deep rich blend of exotic grown coffees from Costa Rica, Columbia and Guatemalan to begin your adventurous journey.

Tropical Morning Blend

For those magical island mornings, this hefty body coffee with a smooth finish filled with aromatic nectar has an invigorating concoction of Central American and Caribbean basin origins.

Dark Roast

Ethiopian Moka Java

The world's oldest and most well renowned blend from the 'home' of coffee, with an exotic medium smooth-bodied taste reproduced in the Caribbean.

Darkest Roast

Primo Espresso

Our premium espresso blend contains a balance of estate grown coffees from Central and South America carefully roasted in the Italian Style, giving off a deep smoky bittersweet essence perfect for Espresso makers and typical home brewers.

French Island Roast

An intense and vibrant cup with deep, dark, tangy, elegant overtones with a rich blend of New World coffees from Central and South America. Not for the faint of heart!

Dark & Stormy

A special blend of dark roasted Latin American grown coffees blended with a quarter Primo Espresso. A full flavoured coffee that makes the ultimate after-dinner drink with dessert. A great way to weather those hurricane force winds!


Primo Espresso Decaf

A varietal quality de-caffeinated coffee roasted in the Espresso style, smooth and balanced with a hearty aroma, without the caffeine.

Clipper Ship Decaf

Dark roasted blend of decaffeinated coffees from the New World and exotic Far East, rich, balanced and brimming with oceans of flavour without the caffeine.


Main Street, Falmouth Harbour
P. O. Box 180 #396
St. John's, Antigua
+1 (268) 462 5282 / 2326

Open Roast Days

Roasting Days

Every Wednesday (November - April)

Come and experience the roasting process for yourself.

Watch the roasting of our Arabica Coffee in the famous Bean Machine - one of the only fluid bed roasters in the Caribbean! Try our featured Blend of the Day.

Relax and take in the active view over Falmouth Harbour whilst enjoying yummy treats and the best coffee around!

There is no charge to attend an Open Roast Day.

Sessions are scheduled for 10am, 12pm and 2pm.

Each session takes approximately 30 minutes - and we ask that you call or email in advance to book.

+1 (268) 462 5282 / 2326

We look forward to seeing you!